Alone In Kathmandu: Introduction

Saturday, April 28, 2007

This is one of my other blog creation which deals mostly with my own feelings and me being in the city Kathmandu. I will try to cover the places of Kathmandu, the customs and tradition we have in here and with it I will try to pour my expression of being alone in this crowded city. It is just simply my thoughts which I am going to pour it here in this blog of mine.

I have lots of friend in my msn and yahoo messenger. Most of them are abroad. I have my chat pals from all over the world. With the net at my home I have made friends across the globe and tried sharing our custom and tradition to them and vice versa. I mostly encounter people who would know mostly nothing about Nepal. Some of might have heard of it but most of them just don’t even know of its existence. Well amazingly about 99% of them know about Mount Everest but they never care of the whereabouts of it. Whenever I start my conversation it would be from asl (age, sex, and location) and then it goes like Nepal…Do you know about it?...and so on. So to explain myself and to make my country be known to those of my friends who know me and don’t know me, I am trying to make an effort by simply writing this general blog. I might not know everything about my own country in detail but I will try my best in researching and writing things of my own knowledge over here. I hope my readers will get at least some benefits of knowing such a great country with lots of beautiful natural scenarios found here.

Since I have been brought up in the capital of the country, Kathmandu, I will specially be writing about Kathmandu as a whole but I will surely try to extend my limits to all over the Nepal. I just want to notify that there is no limit of this blog. I will try to pour my experience throughout my life into this blog.

Besides these issues, this blog will also contain some promotional advertisements and reviews of lots of other sites and products to keep the finance up and this blog alive. I hope people who would subscribe or view this blog and would help me out by encouraging me to write more blog posts of their choice too. If anyone would like to know about the particular issue or would like to have their problems posted here in this blog, they can always contact me through email: or post a comment in any of the posts.

Happy surfing!!!


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