Encouragement For This Blog

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

I have been writing lots of posts in my word document and it just hit me about the friends who had helped me in these months who have provide me so much of information and lots of assistance as well. So I would like to dedicate this post for those who has helped me in this world of blogging.

First and foremost, as usual the name Sameer comes the first. This time too he bought me this domain. Actually he had bought this domain for his own purpose but for some reason he declined his posts and handed me this site and started working for one of my other proxy site. So basically we traded for this domain. Thanks to him I am back in business creating another blog.

Then comes my dear Smreeti, who has always been there with my hard times and good times as well. She has been encouraging me the most to work on my blogs from the past and had been advising me to create one another from a long time. So here I am doing it dear. Then comes one of my dearest friend ever, Jenisha. She has been actually helping me to write the posts and choose the template for this blog as well. Many of my credits goes to her for helping me out writing some of the posts in this blog. She has given her thoughts and ideas over the posts. My nephew, Ajay, also has helped me in giving me ideas and sharing views of what his generation would like to read in this age and what kind of posts should I write in this blog. He also has provided me some posts which will be posted in this blog soon after a review.

Finally, I dedicate this blog to my parents who have been so supportive over the past few months. I am the their only son and my duties are to look over my responsibilities but since I became serious into this blogging world, I had hard time looking after the family finances but somehow they have been so supportive and they helped me a lot with my responsibilities.

I am sure lots of more friends are to be added in this post but as for now I am ending this post and may in future I will be updating this post with lots of helpful friends or may be creating yet another blog post dedicating it to those who have always been there to help me out. Thanks all of my friends and families for supporting and helping me in this creation of mine!


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