Something About Nepal

Sunday, May 6, 2007

From what I know, the word Nepal is derived from the word Nepa, also Nepal Bhasa, the language of Newars. In old days only Kathmandu valley was called as Nepa by the Newars. Right after the King Prithivi Narayan Shah united Nepal, he named the country as Nepal after making Kathmandu the capital of Nepal. Still in those days whenever people visited to Kathmandu and when they were asked where are you going to, their answer used to be I am going to Nepal. According to Skandha Purana, a rishi called "Ne" or "Nemuni" used to live in Himalayas. According to Himwatkhanda, a Hindu scripture, the word Nepal comes from "Ne"' (the seer) and "pal" meaning protection.

Geographically, Nepal is in Asia. It is a landlocked by China and India. Nepal is of roughly trapezoidal shape, 800 kilometers (500 mi) long and 200 kilometers (125 mi) wide, with an area of 147,181 square kilometers (56,827 sq mi). Nepal is commonly divided into three physiographic areas: the Mountain, Hill, and Terai Regions. These ecological belts run east-west and are bisected by Nepal's major river systems. Nepal is divided into 14 zones and 75 districts, grouped into 5 development regions. The 14 zones are:
Bagmati, Bheri, Dhawalagiri, Gandaki, Janakpur, Karnali, Koshi, Lumbini, Mahakali, Mechi, Narayani, Rapti, Sagarmatha, and Seti

There are different groups of people living in Nepal with different views, customs, and tradition. Lots of Hindus reside in this beautiful country and mostly the capital is filled with temples build by the ancient kings in the old ages. The cities in the capital are often called city of temples. The temples are mostly of made of pagoda style. Nepal has the great honor of having Mount Everest situated in it and still holds the title of being the World’s second highest water resources.

A single post can never define Nepal, but yet I tried my best in gathering all the brief details in this post. I am sure by now you will have at least gathered some ideas about where and what kind of country Nepal is with some knowledge about its customs and traditions. I will be posting more of the posts will details in posts to come.


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