Dakshinkali Temple

Monday, June 18, 2007

The word Dakshinkali is made up of Dakshin and Kali. Dakshin means south and Kali is derived from one of the Hindu goddess Kali. So it basically means the goddess Kali of the south. So the Dakshinkali temple is situated south-west part of the Kathmandu which is just 45 minutes drive from Kathmandu. The sanctuary and its surroundings are dedicated to goddess Kali, the deity who claims at least twice (Tuesday and Saturday) a week a good portion of fresh animal blood. So lots of devotees gather there in a huge mass especially on Tuesday and Saturday where they usually sacrifice cocks and he goats.

On the way, the sight of the gorge is impressive and it is worthwhile to walk down and across the old suspension bridge, throwing a glance down into the very narrow and deep chasm. In the midway near the village of Pharping, lies the the pleasant spot called Sheka Narayan. There is a pond filled with crystal clear water and lots of gold fish type fishes swimming around. After some minutes of drive from Pharping you will finally reach to the destination of the Dakshinkali where you now have to move downhill as the goddess is situated at the bottom of the hill. The view is just spectacular with all the green vegetation around and the weather is just too awesome around there. Not only the Hindu devotees but we can find lots of other groups of people going there to enjoy their picnic as well. Since the place is quite far away from the valley and there is less crowd and less noise and other pollutions, people prefer to go there to take a break and have a nice picnic with all their friends and families.

So this place is important with entertainment prospect as well as holy place. People do believe that if we pray to the goddess and offer sacrifices our enemies will demise and we will be victorious in our way, and lots of other people do make their wish to the goddess and they believe the goddess will make those wishes come true if you wish from heart and offer sacrifice to the goddess. Well that’s about the place and the rituals of Dakshinkali. I suggest that every tourist should at least once visit this holy place to experience the peaceful surrounding over that place.


Anonymous said...

I rode one of those Indian style one speed bikes out there from the city in 1990. It is a really neat place, but you might want a bike with gears. Squimish animal lovers will not be happy.

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