Importance of Sex Education

Thursday, June 28, 2007

I live in a poor developing country, Nepal. Amongst lot of problems, two of the main problems of our country are economy and illiteracy. Albert Einstein said, “Little knowledge is dangerous,” but I say lack of knowledge is like living in the same world where everybody lives but as an alien. Whenever the term “sex” arises there have been different views, meanings, and thoughts from different people. In this post, I am describing it as the relationship between a man and a woman and how it is important to have the proper knowledge of it.

In poor country like our and mostly filled with illiterate ones, the term sex is considered as a bad word and rarely anyone talks about it. Mostly in old ages, even the teenagers would not know what sex means. Parents would not talk to their children about the proper sex education and the proper knowledge of sexually transmitted disease (STD). Even the responsible parents wouldn’t know about it. For them sex means just having sexual intercourse between a man and woman. They wouldn’t even know how sex can make a relation worse or good. They wouldn’t know about having sexually transmitted disease can occur when you have multiple sex partners. Lots of wouldn’t have sex before marriage. The ones who would have known would be so careless and have sex with different partners. So basically they are on their own without knowing the benefits and risks of it. With the proper knowledge anyone’s sexual life can be just so romantic and safe too. Due to the hesitancy of talking about sex any child can be more curious about the issue and it can mentally affect the child’s behavior too. So it is better to give them proper education then keep them in the dark.


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