Manakamana Temple

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Ever thought of having a die hard wish that you need to get fulfilled? Well if you do have faith in Hindu gods, there are many ways where you can pray and wish for your wishes to come true. One of the Devis (goddesses) is Manakamana, where “mana” came from the word “mann” which means heart and “kamana” means wish. So it is believed that if you wish it from your heart the goddess Manakamana fulfills those wishes. I have been there thrice in my lifetime but with my family, mom and dad, who had made their wishes. I don’t know what they wished for and if it did come or true but I believe it must have as we have been their thrice.

Since 17th century the Manakamana temple has been widely venerated, as of the obvious reason of believing that Manakamana Devi (goddess) fulfills all wishes. It is located just 102 kilometers from the capital, Kathmandu, en route to Pokhara and Chitwan and banks of Trishuli River which is famous for white water rafting.

My first visit to Manakamana was when I was a kid. I can hardly remember all the details but I do remember my brother-in-law did carry me in his shoulders for couple of minutes on the road. So that again means I really was a kid back then. We had hiked 6 hours up the hills to reach to the final destination of Manakamana Temple. Though for the normal people it takes just about 3-4 hours to reach there. We might have gone a little slower enjoying the beautiful views and scenario of the beautiful hills seen from there; that I still remember. It was quite fun back then.

Since the popularity of the wishing goddess became overwhelming that now we have better ways and faster ways to get to Manakamana. They made it easier with installing cable car to the hill. This is the first and only cable car service running in Nepal. So instead of the four-hour arduous trek, the shrine is now accessible in just 10 minutes in the cable car which is using the world-renowned Doppelmayr Technology of Austria. So with the abundant time in hand we can easily visit the shrine and make our wish. Yet the number of visitors are increasing day by day. There will be a long queue not only on the way to cable car but to the holy shrine as well, but it is worth it as now we can visit and return in a single day without having our time lost in the hard uphill hike. Yet there are lots of groups who still trek uphill as they love to hike and enjoy the beautiful scenes of the hills and mountains of our beautiful country Nepal.


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