Uses And Abuses Of Science

Sunday, June 3, 2007

I just was reading an old magazine and I found this interesting topic about “uses and abuses of science.” I read the whole article and I am now trying to share it to my blog about what I read in that article.

It started with one beautiful quote made by Shakespeare, “Nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so.”

Science is neither good nor bad. It is neutral. It does good to the man if it is so employed. It does harm to humanity if it is used otherwise. The majority are the uses of science. It has given us numerous things of everyday life. It has changed the world rapidly. Bertrand has Ressell rightly remarked, “Sconce has changed the face of the earth and the world has changed more during the last 100 years than during the 4,000 years previous to that.”

Science has given us remarkable things. Radio is one of the earliest invention and part of science. We hear distant speakers sitting in our home. We enjoy the songs of famous musicians on it and important news is broadcast everyday. Television sets present us the pictures of distant place with the same news broadcast, music, and lots of other information everyday. Telephone is another gift of science. It facilitates a talk between two persons living at a great distance. And now we got computers which basically combine all of the latest technologies and helps from a kid to a big business tycoon.

We have rapid means of transport these days. Journeys of months can be completed within days or even hours today. There are the motorcar, the trains, and the airplanes. To travel 50 or 60 miles in an hour is an ordinary thing. An airplane covers hundreds of miles per hour. Science has really shortened time and distance. The work that took months of years can be completed in hour or few days now. Printing press has enabled quick publication of books. The production of mills is thousands of times quicker than that of the village weavers. Again long distances are covered within short periods. Diseases have also been lessened by the scientist and doctors. Medicines and injections cure many incurable disease of the body. Science has mechanized agricultural wok. It has revolutionized the fields of production. We can find a whole lot of benefits of science and a simple post isn’t enough to state all its benefits.

But there are many disadvantages of science as well. It has also given the deadly weapons in the hands of the man. The guns and canons are the things of the past. This is the age of Atom and Hydrogen bombs and Rockets. It is feared that the human order may come to an end in the war of Atom bombs and Hydrogen bombs. Machines themselves have done much harm. They have thrown an army of laborers out of employment. They are held responsible for the creation of overcrowded cities with unhealthy surroundings. They have created class problems by creating wealth in the hand of a people. Science has made man too materialistic. People have forgotten their soul. They fail to recognize the Almighty, the creator of the universe.

The advocates of science speak of comforts and advantages provided by it but the destructions and disasters caused by it is also to be considered. We are to realize that man himself is responsible for its uses and abuses; its proper use will bless him, its misuse will destroy him.


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