Baudhanath Stupa Of Kathmandu

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

One of my favorite places related to the beautiful place and inspired by Buddha after Swayambhu is Baudhanath stupa. You can always find lots of Buddhist praying their doing their regular praying around the area and inside and outside the stupa you will lots of Tibetan artifacts in lots of shops for sale.

Baudhanath stupa is situated at Cahabil of Kathmandu district. This stupa is big and beautiful monument that stands on two-storied plinth. This temple has four Buddhas on four directions. Baudhanath is considered as a specimen of Lichchavi period according to mythical literature of Buddhist. This chaitya (stupa) of Lord Buddha was established in the form of loighe. There are a number of monasteries around the main sanctuary. There are many small manes (small round mobile structure which the prayers spin) and Buddhas around the circumference of chaitya. It is one of the greatest stupa in the Kathmandu valley. This place is important pilgrimage for Buddhist around the world. Different feast and festivals are celebrated in the courtyard of stupa or its premises. Baudhanath stupa was renovated by the king Pratap Malla in 17th century.

The structure really is huge one. There are three pyramid-like layers below the huge stupa. The part where there are lots of manes is the base and it is in circular form. Till you are in front of the gate of the stupa, you won’t find much of happening or peaceful place as the streets are crowded with lots of small shops where you will find lots of souvenirs as well as the shops which provide the daily need of the locals. Right after you reach the gate you will view the beautiful and huge structure of the stupa. Locals and Nepalese people can enter the premises for free whereas tourists are charged with a small price to enter the premises. Inside the stupa you will find lots of prayers here and there praying. Some might find it little bit strange as they pray lying on the ground and then standing up on the knees. Nowadays they have a wooden block placed where they roll over in front of the body and then get up on their knees. It’s the way of their praying. You can view the stupa close by getting up the pyramid-like layer up closer to the stupa. From there you can also view our national airport. Though the surrounding place is not so big, you will definitely find your day full of joy and excitement if you visit Baudhanath stupa


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