Guru Purnima – Teacher’s Day

Monday, July 30, 2007

Teachers come second after gods in the Hindu hierarchy of respect. The full moon day of July is thus allotted for special treatment to one’s tutors. Studens pay homage to their teachers and receive blessings from them in return. At a place called Vyas on the Kathmandu-Pokhara highway, special worship is performed to Maharshi Vyas, the saint who created the great Hindu epic, Mahabharat. Devotees flock to the historic Vyas Gupha, the cave where he meditated and wrote down the scriptures.

For Buddhists, the occasion (known as Dilla Punhi) is sacred as the day when the Buddha-to-be entered the womb of queen Mayadevi, thereby setting in motion the religions cycle of Buddhism. Religious functions are held in all Buddhists monasteries and temples on commemorate the day.

Mostly in schools and college teachers are worshipped and the students put tika and offer homage to their teachers. Today really is the teacher’s day where they will be gods for a day.


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