Biswokarma Puja

Monday, September 24, 2007

In Hinduism, Biswokarma God is considered to be the god which possess all the craftsmanship and provides us the blessing of being a good and perfect craftsmanship. As you might have known that in Hinduism, there are 330,000,000 gods and everyone has a different values and respect and blessings to offer. So there is a day for each deity when they are worshipped and given special attention. The seventh day of the bright lunar fortnight is considered as the day for Biswokarma God. According to Gregorian calendar, it is celebrated on 18th of September this year (2007).

Mostly people living in terai seems to celebrate this occasion more often than the people in hilly or Himalayan region. The people will just gather around to the statue of the Lord Biswokarma which they have made over the past and they would just sing and dance throughout the day. At end of the festival the statue is put down on the river which indicates the end of the festival. Mostly the Indians and terai people seem to make the statue of gods and then at the end of the festival they put down the statue in the river in most of the festivals.


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