Chatha (Ganesh Chaturthi)

Monday, September 24, 2007

Another festival celebrated right before Rishipanchami is Ganesh Charturthi (chaturthi means the fourth day of the bright lunar fortnight). This year it was celebrated on 15th of September, 2007. The Hindu people worship Lord Ganesh this day. The newar of Kathmandu valley called it Chatha (meaning same as chaturthi in nepali – fourth day of the bright lunar fortnight). It is celebrated hugely in our neighbor country India as well. Devotees pay homage to Lord Ganesh at various temples of Ganesh.

In Kathmandu, there is one special tradition that is carried out this day. The seed of the pear eaten couple of months ago is preserved for this day. The seed is called bakshyapati in Nepali. It is worshipped as Lord Ganesh, as it has appearance of Ganesh (Ganesh has head of an elephant). So after the worshipping. The seed is crushed and inside another edible seed is taken out and it is eaten after it is fried as the form of prashad (offerings eaten by the devotees in the name of god in form of blessings) from Lord Ganesh.


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