Thursday, September 20, 2007

I have never been to Dhapasi before. I know it lies outside the Ring Road. So I think it is considered outside the valley, but I am quite unsure about it. One of my dearest friends, Jenisha, had once sent me an email explaining about Dhapasi. It was a gift for me from her to post in this blog of mine. According to her, this article was written to me by one of her friends. I will surely visit the place once and I will write my own review and write my own experience as well. But for the time being, here is what she had written about Dhapasi:

Even with a lot of new buildings being built everywhere, Dhapasi still remains popular for its private planned settlement areas. It owes that to a simple fact that Dhapasi is simply a prettier place to live in than other places like Baneshwor. Except the areas around the ring road, the inner parts are quiet, clean and green ideal for private settlements. These planning areas like, Dhapasi Heights, Shivapuri Planning etc also boost examples of beautiful architecture. The roads are so clean and quiet that it almost feels like Europe at times. Also there is a brand new housing area, Subha Homes, which is quite far from the noise of the city area and has beautiful houses.

With such exclusive places like Hotel Sahansha, Nature Club, Dhapasi is quite a happening place for the fitness buffs. One of the most useful benefits of living in Dhapasi is that it is quite near to one of the well-equipped hospitals, the Teaching Hospital of TU. Even the New Bus Park is quite nearby. Though the place is not much of a commercial centre, with places like Easy Mart, and British Gorkha Shopping Centre nearby people don’t need to go long way to do their shopping. There are so many places in Dhapasi where you can actually sit alone and watch the sun set, and seriously how many places are there where you can actually do that!


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