End of Gunla 2007

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The day after Gokarna Aunsi (father’s day) is marked as the end of the Gunla for the year. This year it was on 12th of September. I was so busy with my own world and work that this year, I couldn’t be in Swayambhu for the first time in my life. Throughout my years, I have loved going to Swayambhu, and Gunla is the main festival where lots of people go to Swayambhu throughout the month. It is such a shame that I couldn’t manage a single day to visit Swayambhu this year. I had made plans for more than three to four times but due to my tight schedule; I just couldn’t go there this year. I had never thought that I would miss going there this year.

On the last day, a huge crowd will be gathered in Swayambhu throughout the day. Lots of people visit and pay their respect to goddess Harati Ma on this day and the days throughout the months. Throughout the month, lots of people will go there with their own musical bands with full devotion to the deity. Since this is the last day, most of the people will visit the place and you see the Swayambhu hill covered with people from a long distance today. You will see devotees coming and going from the hills throughout the way of Swayambhu. The crowd is just overwhelming and something different to experience. Too bad, I miss it this year. Well I cannot do anything then regret it and hope and pray that I wont miss it next year.


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