Gokarna Aunsi 2007 – Father’s Day In Nepal

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Gokarna Aunsi is the father’s day celebrated in Nepal. Gokarna is a place nearby the Valley and Aunsi means dark moon. This year it was celebrated on 11th of September. We have a special way of celebrating this day. Sons and daughters offer ritual food, sweetmeats, and other gifts to their fathers. The streets are a happy scene of married daughters with loads of goodies making their way to their parent’s houses. Another scenario is the shops selling lots of sweet products. The shopkeeper extends their shops and display varieties of sweet products that sons and daughters offer to their father today.

The father’s day is performed by offering the gifts, and then sons and daughters adore their fathers by bowing to touch their feet with their foreheads. The ceremony is also known as “looking uopon father’s face” in our own language. Those whose fathers are no more mark the day by visiting Gokarna and other sacred spots and worshipping to the deities. There they perform anniversary rituals (sharadhya) in honor of their departed fathers and offer alms of rice, pulses, and coints to the priests and beggars as well.


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