Gwaramari – My Breakfast

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I don’t usually have heavy breakfast. Well not these days. While in my childhood, I used to have one pound of bread and a cup of tea and run to the school, and that would be my breakfast. For lunch, I would have Wai Wai (Nepal-made noodles) or may be biscuits, or Russian Bread (that’s what my dad calls it. It is made with egg, sugar, and pieces of bread, deeply fried in ghee). Well now all my schedules have changed. Nowadays, I have our Newari food item called Gwaramari. Gwaramari consists of two words, Gwara and mari where gwara means round shaped and mari means bread in Newari. It is made up of flour mixed with some baking powder (soda) and salt and then deeply fried in oil. The taste is just so awesome. It is best when you eat it when it is hot.

Early in the morning, my dad goes out for shopping and getting milk and other breakfast stuffs. For me, he usually brings gwaramari, as he knows I like it as my breakfast. Usually I am online at that time, and some of my friends are just dying to have some gwaramari but they can’t have it as it is not available in their area. Mostly Newari people bake it inside the Kathmandu Valley. Mostly Samir and Manik seems to be crazy for gwaramari as well but since it is not available at their area, they always keep on missing the taste. Lucky me, that I can have it daily, and it is available in lots of places around my house. Someday, I might invite them for gwaramari. The best gwaramari I ever tasted is from Bijeshwori. If anyone should come to Nepal, be sure to go for morning walk to Swayambhu, and nearby in the place called Bijeshwori, you will see one small restaurant where you will clearly see some people cooking gwaramari outside the restaurant. Be sure to have those gwaramari and experience the taste of it that you will never forget.


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