Krishnastami 2007

Thursday, September 20, 2007

In Hinduism, there are lots of them. Hard to believe but truth is that it is considered that there are 33 koti devata (330.000,000 Gods). According to the religion, every god has their own importance and have contributed something to the human being in someway. Most of the gods have their special day when they are specially worshipped. Lord Krishna, the dark god who taught warrior Ajuna the value of Karma in the Bhagwad Gita, was born at midnight on the eighth day of the dark moon of August (28th August this year). So that day is Lord Krishna’s day hence also called Janmastami (where Janma means birth and Astami means 8th day of the month).

The Krishna’s birthday is celebrated with lots of love and devotion by the devotees. Flocks of devotes gather around the Krishna Mandir at Patan Durbar Square on the preceding day. Krishna Mandir of Patan is a monument and was build on 17th century. So the men and women from gather around and sit in the vigil waiting for the midnight hour. Euphoric prayers and incantations fill the air, and small oil lamps are lit as a mark of felicitation and devotion to the deity. The Krishna Mandir will be full of devotees throughout the day where we can find lots of flocks coming and going on paying their respects and homage to the deity. Throughout the Kathmandu Valley, images of Lord Krishna are shown. Some of the images are carried around the city in the procession accompanied by joyous crowds of followers and musical bands.


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