Optional Extension Tour Of Bhaktapur (Bhadgaon)

Friday, September 21, 2007

I thought of excluding these tours but lots of my friends told me to include these parts of Bhaktapur as well as these places to have importance and I am sure anyone who are in Bhaktapur would never want to miss these places. So here is the review with the time span that is needed for visiting those places.

Extension Tour A:
Starting point: Durbar Square (30 minutes)
Take a small lane off Durbar Square to your right passing by typical to-day activities, continue until this lane bisects the main road. As you swing towards the left, you will pass the potters’ area where much of the activity – molding, baking, etc., - takes place in the street. Finally, passing by Talaku Math you will reach Taumadhi Square.

Extension Tour B:
Starting point: Dattatriya Square (45 minutes)
Continue through Dattatriya Square taking Bagiswori Lane. Pass Brahmayani Dyoche, Wakupati Narayan Temple, then the Navdurga Temple – traditional home of the Durga dancers, to Kwathaundau Pokhari, Kwathaundau Math, and as you approach the other entrance to Dattatriya Square, the Salan Ganesh Temple.

Extension Tour C:
Starting point Dattatriya Square (20 minutes)
Near the entrance to Dattatriya Square, as you enter, there is a lane off to your left. Following it, you will pass the Yachhe Ganesh Temple, Salan Ganesh Pokhari with Yache Ganesh Dyoche then Naag Pokhari, which will bring you to the main street near the Sukuldhoka Math.


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