Rishi Panchami 2007

Friday, September 21, 2007

Two days after Teej (16th of September) is considered the last day of the fasting. The day is called Rishi Panchami where Rishi means holy person and Panchami meaning fifth which means fifth day of the new moon or month. The day after Teej, women only eat salt once a day in a meal. Then the next day is Rishi Panchami, where women once again go for fasting. Mainly the married women come to Lord Rishikeshwor Mahadev near Teku to worship another form of Lord Shiva. The place is just 10-15 walk from my house. A long queue is formed from the early morning. This day is very important for the ladies who went on fasting on Teej as today is the last and final day of their fasting and after this day they will be having a regular diet.

Personally, I don’t like women doing fasting, especially who have problems with their health. These days, lots of women do faint on the queue or even at their homes due to this extensive fasting. Television and radios and other Medias have now been making aware to the women and asking them not to participate in those sorts of fasting activities where their health would get hampered. If there is no health how can they pray for their husband’s life? I still wonder why would people do these sorts of crazy things and end up in the hospital bed every year. I mostly blame the husbands who give permission to their wives to do such kind of act. I hope in future women and men will take consideration to this matter and not take part in any such harmful rituals and keep their body and health as their priority.


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