Teej 2007

Friday, September 21, 2007

Teej is one of the most important festival for women in Nepal. It carries a lot of importance and devotion of woman who celebrate this festival. The main attraction of this festival are dancing, folk songs, and mostly the red color of women’s wedding saris. This festival is often considered as Hindu festival of womanhood.

There is a history behind this festival. This day recalls the heavenly occasion when Parvati, daughter of the Himalaya, won the hand of Lord Shiva after severe meditation and fasting. So the woman believe that if they fast on this day and pray for the desired husband, they will get it with the grace of Lord Shiva and the women who are married believe if they do the fasting it will make their husband live longer.

The day before the teej, mothers send gifts of food and saris to their daughters’ houses. Groups of women gather together to celebrate and feast. The day is called Darr Khane Din (the eating day). So this day the women eat lots of delicious foods and prepare for the fasting next day. At midnight, the women begin a fast in emulation of Parvati. Lots of women don’t even drink water and fast for their husband and future husbands. Lots of women go to Pashupatinath temple to pray to Lord Shiva. The married ones pray and ask for a happy and productive marriage and a long life of their husbands, and those yet to tie the nuptial knot ask for a good husband as goddess Parvati did. The fasting ends by having water and food from the husbands the next day of the married women and non-married have it by their own. This year Teej was celebrated and 14th of September.


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