Dhunge Dhara

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Dhunge dhara is among the magnificent pieces of art that embellish our cultural heritage. Over the centuries, Kathmandu Valley has continually witnessed the constant evolution of numerous religious and monumental buildings that punctuate the public space, providing diverse from and scale, pervading every aspect of life. Dhunge dharas are also no exception.

Its occurrence in Nepal cannot be dated precisely. Many dharas are found to be of Lichhavi period, which reveals that this has been our culture since centuries. Though, over the period of time its basic form has remained relatively unchanged, different terms have been used to represent it. In early Lichhaivi period, it was called “kriti” and it was called “pranali” in the late Lichhavi period. From Malla period onward, it was called “hiti”. Dhunge dhara are the means of water supply in the ancient time. A typical dhunge dhara is called hitigah in Newari language.


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