The Most I Like About Indrajatra

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

There are so many things happening around the Indrajatra festival. There are lots of values of this festival and lots of customs and traditions are there which just is breathtaking to watch and experience every year. There are so many gods and goddess displayed around the festival. Besides Kumari chariot, the first and my favorite would be Pulukishi. It is considered as an image of Lord Ganesh. A big basket made out of the bamboo is covered with a cloth and a big mask of Ganesh will be put as the head of the Pulukishi. It would mostly look like a elephant toy. This is the main attraction of the festival and throughout the festival it roams around houses and shops asking for the homage and gifts.

Other attractions are the Lakhes demonstrated on this festival. A person wearing a mask of a terrified feature is considered a Lakhe. It is believed that in ancient ages, these Lakhe were in real existence. The main attractive and most happening lakhe is Maipa Lakhe of Maipat. It has the most horrifying mask and considered as one of the most active Lakhe during this festival. Other most popular Lakhe is Shovavaku Lakhe which is often called Jhin-nali-sintang as the Lakhe has a music band in front of it which plays the same tune which sounds like Jhin-nali-sintang.

Other demonstration is Swet Bhairav (White Bhairav). It is situated at Hanuman Dhoka. It is hidden behind the lattice work on the temple wall. The lattice is only opened once a year throughout the Indrajatra.

Lots of other features are there in Indrajatra, and this is one of the most amazing and wonderful festival of the Kathmandu Valley.


binayak said...

hello amrit,
It seems that you have enjoyed indrajatra alot. That's good. I just want to tell you that the red masked lakhe you are referring to is Majipat lakhe, not maipat. Also, Shova and bhakku are not lakhes. They were two kings of maru who used to drink human blood and were driven off to halchowk by majipat lakhe where they were protected by Aakash Bhairav. That's why you see Aakash Bhairav holing a sword along with shova and bhakku.

Amrit Dangol said...

Thanks for the info and the correction Binayak. I just wrote this article last year and I hadn't done much research on it. I have been enjoying Indrajatra since my childhood. Never went through the stories in details. hehe... Anyways thanks again for the info.

I hope and pray that the Indrajatra ends peaceful unlike this year. ;)

suicidalsam said...

wow, thanx for the info binayak. that was something I didn't know about indrajatra.

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