Neeti’s India Visit – Bangalore

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Bangalore, currently known as the city of information technology is a place with mild weather in the day and cools in the evening.

We lodged in Mayur Deluxe Lodge residing in Balepet Square. The lodge was quite congested with narrow corridors. As soon as I reached Bangalore I gave a call to my cousin who stays there. She was a great help to my pals as she guided them to shopping malls and other areas where they could find stuffs cheaper. Then I went to meet my aunt who had cooked delicious dinner for me.

The next day we went to Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace. The palace is made up of teak wood which is supposed to stay cool throughout summer. The place had some stolen memories of Tipu Sultan and his ancestors. The palace is colored black and golden and has some vibrancies that pulls you to stay longer. Later on the day we went to Lal Bagh botanical garden. The garden was huge and had fountains all around. There was a green room also. It was an exercise on the trip walking on the passages of the botanical garden.

We also went to the science museum of Bangalore. The museum was also huge and due to time lagging behind we could not comprehend the place to the fullest.

We left Bangalore soon after we visited the museum for Goa. Since, we had very less time we skipped the fountain show of Bangalore. It was a remarkable trip to Bangalore.


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