Neeti’s India Visit – Hyderabad

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Hyderabad was a warm place with lots of posters in the city of movies. They were so huge that one could easily say that the people who resided there loved to watch movies of their local language.

We went to The Cyber Towers. It was an educational and inspiring presentation and speech given by one of the IT heads of the companies working in Cyber Towers. We had our breakfast in the restaurant of Cyber Towers. The break fast was delicious. Later we went to the the Ramoji Film Studio. The Studio was enormous with more than 50 spacious gardens and fountains. The studio also had an adventurous section where we did artificial bungee jumping, trekking, climbing, and sliding. The studio also had a room with artificial rain theme where we danced for some time. Ramoji Film Studio also has an amuzement park and a place to shop around. One of my friends sister guided us to Ramoji Film Studio. We also visited Char Minar in Hyderabad. Char Minar was a crowdie place and we were warned to double check our pockets time to time.

We had also visited the Lumbini Park of Hyberabad. The sea was calm and it was a refreshing when we bowed our heads before the statue of Lord Buddha standing in the center of the sea. We also enjoyed a 45 minute show of musical fountains as a laser show of the most attractive and important aspects of the people of Hyderabad.

We did a lot of shopping pearls in Hyderabad. The friend’s sister took us to a shop which we could rely on and the pearls were worth spending on.

The trip to Hyderabad was full of essence and the most diversified place we visited in our IT tour to India.


Teff john said...

I like your blog very much the blogs and pictures are nice!!
teff john


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