Neeti’s India Visit - Mumbai

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The best thing in Mumbai was the Water Kingdom. We stayed in Mumbai just for two night and one day. This is the reason why we opted for going to water kingdom and not to the Essel World. The water kingdom has a 45 degree and a 90 degree slide. I had slided in the 90 degree slide and almost lost my breath. It was so scary. I felt like a little kid for some time. Then I enjoyed the other rides like the Black Demon, a slide which was dark but finally I wasn’t scared. Then we rode bumpy rides sitting on huge air tubes of one and pairs as well. All in all, water kingdom was hilarious and tiring at the end. I had a nice sleep that night.

Next day in the morning we went to shopping in the fashion street. I was surprised to see the level of bargaining we could handle in the fashion street. If they said a t-shirt was of Rs 500 we could casually start our bargain with Rs. 150 and finally buy the stuff in Rs. 250. Well I had shopped mostly in Mumbai and was happy I did that.

Finally, from Mumbai we had to catch a connecting train to Lucknow to return back to Nepal.


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