Neeti’s India Visit - New Delhi

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I have never been to India as of now. The closest I have been near India is at Rakshwal which is a part of India near the Nepal-India border at Birjung, Nepal. I was chatting once again with my dearest friend, Neeti Agrawal. She then have an idea about sharing me her experience about her India Tour. She wrote this post to share her tour to me and my readers. I hope everyone enjoys it with Neeti.

The day I reached to New Delhi with my friends, it had cold weather. We had lodged in the Hotel Crown Continental in New Rohtak Road. We had not reached on the check in time so we had to wait in the waiting room for two hours. We were already tired of the journey from Nepal to India by road. As soon as we got the rooms, I called my sister who was studying in Delhi to meet me.

My friends went on the Café coffee day, the metro of New Delhi, and did some shopping, whereas I went with my sister at my uncle’s place to meet them. We went for a movie and then for the dinner in the same mall. Later in the evening, when I met my friends, we shared our activities of the day and I realized that I missed some beautiful moments with them and they as well missed the movie I saw with my uncle’s family. Still, I decided to not to leave my friends ahead in the trip.

The next day in the morning we had a minor clash with our tour operator since he was not happy with our attitude of doing things on our own. After we sorted out the things with him, we left New Delhi to visit Agra. We returned from Agra in the late eve.

The next day we visited the LaxmiNarayan Temple. The temple was very soothing on the trip. It was the day of Shivaratri. Then we went to Raj Ghat. This is the place where important politicians’ and legends’ memories are engraved after their demise. We had seen Late Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi’s visions and accomplishments engraved there. A tour to be remembered throughout my life was the trip to Raj Ghat. We went to visit India Gate and Lotus Temple. Lotus Temple was huge and again the architecture it had was just out of question. The place was had good crowd of tourists but it was still quiet.

New Delhi is no doubt the place Indians are proud of. Delhi was a place to be remembered and a place with lots of things in particular.


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