Oldest Museum Of Nepal

Friday, October 5, 2007

The Nepal museum, which is one of the oldest museum of Nepal, is close to Swayambhu, and slightly to the south, a convenient visit on the way back to the city. The museum is open from 10:15 to 15:30 in the winder and from 10:30 to 16:30 in the summer. The new building contains many beautiful carvings in wood and some especially interesting bronze idols. The old building illustrates recent Nepalese history with the uniforms and weapons of Nepalese soldiers and generals from the past centuries. A sword with Napoleon presented to a Nepalese Prime Minister and leather cannons captured during the war with Tibet in 1856 are particular attractions.

I haven’t been in the museum for over a decade or so. I even have lost the memories of the things inside in detail. I will surely be going there someday and have more details published. So until then please have some patience and wait for the moment till you read more about Nepal’s oldest and valuable museum.

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