Some Tips For Travel Safety

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I found this interesting topic in one of my magazine collection where the author has described some tips for travel safety. I thought this would be a perfect post for this travel blog of mine and would help my readers out there.

Some tips to give students/youths when traveling:

  1. When off a coach bus, know how to contact the driver in case of emergency.
  2. If you wear contact lenses, bring glasses for the airplane. The recycled air can dry out your eyes and make you uncomfortable.
  3. In a hotel, refuse any unexpected deliveries to your room.
  4. Never enter a room if it is unlocked or if you are alone and someone is following you before entering.
  5. Keep any medication near your toothbrush as a reminder to take it when you brush.
  6. While touring, use only authorized agents when exchanging money to avoid violating local news.
  7. Keep a small amount of money in your pocket to pay for small purchases so you don’t have to open your wallet in a busy place.
  8. Travel with a partner at all times and don’t stray from the group on your own.
  9. Resist the temptation to buy food from street vendors.
  10. In some countries, you can be detained for photographing such as police and government buildings. If you are in doubt, ask permission before taking photographs.


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