Ghatasthapana 2007

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ghatasthapana is the celebrated as the first day of the greatest festival of Nepal, Bada Dashain. The “Navaratri Parba” or the night nights festival of Bada Dashain also commences on the same day. The day lies on the first day of the bright half of the lunar calendar in the month of Ashwin or Asoj. This year it lied on 12th of October, 2007.

On the day of Ghatasthapana, all Nepalese worship Diyo (an oil-fed lamp), Kalas (auspicious jar), and Lord Ganesh, and the most of the people sow maize and barley seeds in a jar filled with soil which is brought from the river mostly containing sand and cow dung for germination of the auspicious Jamara (barley shoots). From today, prayers are offered to goddess Mahakali, Mahalaxmi and Mahasaraswati at the Dasain Ghar, and to all the Durga Bhawani goddess around the city, marking the beginning of the Navaratri. There are so many of shrines called Shaktipith where devotees will visit and offer their homage this dashain. Some of the main shrines are Naxal Bhagawati, Shobha Bhagawati, Maitidevi, Guheswori, Bhadrakali, Kalikasthan, Sankata, Mahankalsthan, Naradevi, Bijayeswori, Indrayani, Dakshinkali, Chamunda, etc.

A lot will be happening from today for the next 15 days. Each day has its own importance and values. I will try to review the each day and try to find out the main happening thing each day and importance of the day from hereforth. For now, it is Ghatasthapana, the first day of the greatest festival that happens on the Bada Dashain.


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