Pahan Chahre

Friday, April 4, 2008

I haven’t written anything about culture for some time now. I have been discouraged and out focused by Google by the decreasing popularity and ranking in their system. Financially every blogger need some help to sustain their lifestyle. I am a professional blogger and I depend on my blogs to pay my bills but rules of Google really hurts my rankings and as of result I am broke. But again I have some values and some respect towards my readers so I am once more making an effort to get my readers what they want. More information regarding Nepal and more information about traveling and tours around the world. But please bear with me if you see any posts non-related to travel and tours as they are my business posts and I need them to survive and continue writing my blogs.

Pahan Chahre

Today is April 04, 2008, and according to our Newari calendar, today is Pahan Chahre. Yet another festival which has values and traditions. Pahan Chahre often is considered and named as Pasa Chahre and the festival can be observed happening around Kathmandu only. Pahan means guest in Newari language and Pasa means a friend and Chahre is festival. So if you combine together the meaning would be festival for friends or guests.

The festival is mainly organized in every homes and friends and families are invited to each other’s house to celebrate the feast. As on every occasion, a God is worshipped and this time it is Mahadev in the form of Pisach also called lukumahadyo. Throughout the year this God, Mahadev, remains under the ground and is often sealed and only this day will it be opened and worshipped. This festival is often known as Pisach Chaturdasi. Different types of bands can be heard throughout the valley and different Gods will be worshiped throughout this week. I will have the detailed review of the day later. It is just 5:48 AM and I am just too excited to see what happens next…


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