Gift That Would Last Lifelong

Monday, May 26, 2008

Whenever any occasion arrives, Nepali people have the habit of sending gifts to their loved ones. Well not only in Nepal but internationally this habit of presenting gifts does exist. It is no surprise that people with lots of riches present expensive gifts while middle-class people have their own ways of presenting gifts with emotional values.

Gifts are meant to be presented in order to show you care so that the receiver might remember you every time you see the gift. If I were to present a gift, I would like it to become life lasting. So I just thought what gift would last lifelong, it must be the ornaments, but the ornaments are just old fashioned so I searched it on the net and came across for their jaquet droz watches.

Below is some history about Jaquet Droz Watch:
The creator of this beautiful watch is Pierre Jaquet Droz (1721-1790). He has created all sorts of watches, clocks, and automatons in his time, which are universally recognized for their elegance and finesse. Pierre Jaquet Droz made the phenomenally complex mechanisms and movements ever and Jaquet Droz watch was one of his masterpieces. He was able to manage a lot of qualified and finest craftsmen on the market with expertise in clocks, chimes, mechanical engineering, enamel working, and gem-setting. He has opened three manufactories in La Chaux-de-Fonds (1738), London (1774), and Geneva (1784), which latter became the first ever established inside the walls of the city. Since then Pierre Jaquet Droz began to specialize in the production and export of timekeepers endowed with grand complications. is an official website where we can find a lot of varieties of Jaquet Droz watches listed. We can also find valuable and expensive jewels attached displayed on the website. As I said before, “The more riches you have the more valuable gifts you get!”