Message To Leaders Of Nepal

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Right as of now, a lot of political issues have been going on in my beloved country Nepal. Nothing is stable and due to disagreements and regular rivalry attacks between our political parties, our country is going backwards in terms of development and our country is going into a devastation and chaos mode. There is no bright future anymore, only false hope and never fulfilling promises. Our new constitution hasn't been written and the due date is 28th of May 2010, which is just a month from today's date. Many political leaders have announced that the constitution couldn’t be written on that day as there are a lot of issues going on with political parties. I don't want to mention the names of the political parties as I don't think any of them are worth taking names for as all of them seem to be working for their own profit rather than thinking of millions of people who are hoping for a change and the political leaders don't understand that they are the hope for the people.

Today, there is a fight going on between each other (political parties) and they don't understand that we are on the same team, have same hope, same mission, same aim, and same purpose "To Build a New Nepal." When will people understand about our common goal and work as a same team? May be that day there will be no more a place called Nepal… Let's hope that day won't come in our lives. Let's give the leaders a chance to think about it and if they don't think they can lead us, it would be better to let others lead the way. Just think that there is a lot to be done and a better nation to build, a Greater New Nepal.


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